Saturday, April 19, 2008

Training Log: April 13-19

Sunday, 9:30 AM - 13 miles, 1:32:00. Relaxed romp on the trails with Ryan and Christy Mae. Legs didn't feel too bad, but they're not feeling good quite yet either.

Monday, 9:45 AM - 7.2 miles, 50:00. Six passes of Lake Park's perimeter, finishing up with 4 x 35-second strides on the track. Hopefully it's a little less windy a week from now.

Tuesday, 8:05 AM - 4.4 miles, 31:00. 4-banger around the block before work. Legs are starting to show some signs of life again.
7:10 PM - 4.5 miles, 30:00. Twilight trot around Westboro after work. First 10 minutes easy, 1 minute on/1 minute off for the next 10 minutes, last 10 minutes easy back to the store.
9:00 PM - Ice bath on Shadrock's suggestion. Filled the tub with cold water and a 10-lb bag of ice and sat there for 15 numbing minutes. I'll do this again on Thursday if my lower extremities thaw out before then.

Wednesday, 7:40 AM - 6 miles, 44:30. Slow going before work. Felt a bit on the flat side this morning.

Thursday, 8:50 AM - 9.3 miles, 1:03:00. 21:00 warmup, 3-mile PMP in 16:21 (5:26, 5:29, 5:26), 25:40 cooldown. 10 seconds faster per mile than I should have been, but better to make stupid mistakes now than on Monday.

Friday, 10:35 AM - 6.4 miles, 45:00. Out-n-back on the Rail Trail with Rob. No aches, no pains, but no life in the old legs either.

Saturday, 7:45 AM - 6 miles, 42:00. Sunny 6-miler solo before work. 6 x 20/40 strides on the way home to wake the legs back up again.

Totals: 56.8 miles, 8 runs. The week is over, the work is done and I'll be ready to rock & roll on Monday morning. For those of you also about to rock, I salute you.

Quote of the Week

"You can get serious about running Boston. It has a way of taking possession of your senses, of your life."
- Bill Rodgers


S. M. Miller said...

You already know this, but ice baths are the shizzle for legs that don't feel quite right. Before CCM I iced all week and they finally felt good the day before the race. I don't do it like we did in college either. I just put a few trays of ice in a bath tub of cold water and sit in there for 15-20 mins. Anyway, rest up this week. You've had a lot of impressive training, and done a nice job managing and coming back from an injury.

Best Wishes!

Anonymous said...

This is pathetic training Mario. It looks like you are tapering or something. Oh wait...

Good luck in Boston on Monday. I'm coming down to watch the Trials and plan on sticking around to watch you sorry bastards run your balls off. I'll be rootin' for ya.

Mario said...


Thanks in advance for the roots on Monday...they will be much appreciated by all of us.

And to clarify a comment you left on a previous entry. For the record, they're man tights, not half tights. Man tight wearers don't, and won't, rock a Fuel Belt.


Anonymous said...

what's your bib #?

Kerry said...

Good Luck on Monday.
If you run the race we know you are capable of doing, I want credit for suggesting you lay off the doubles and switch to some spinning on the bike to save your legs.

By the way, I ran a marathon on Nov 4. My left big toenail finally fell off yesterday (April 17) after a training ride.

WTF? Is that even normal?

Anonymous said...

hey bro! kick some ass in boston monday. wish i could be there to watch you, but i'll be somewhere in the caribbean :-p

tflynn said...

Mario-You have the talent,training, and desire to have the race of your life. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to say congrats on Boston! AMAZING TIME! It was a great day out there.

See ya around the races,
Kim Duclos