Saturday, April 05, 2008

Race Report: Boston Tuneup 15K

[photo courtesy of Ted Tyler]

Didn't originally have this race on the pre-Boston schedule, but given the unexpected hiccup after Foxboro I decided that it was necessary to include it. The plan was to run 10-15 seconds per mile faster than goal MP (5:35-40), so anywhere from 5:20-30 pace at a "comfortably hard" effort would suffice this morning. Well, the first 3 miles felt hard, the last 6.3 were a lot more comfortable and my average pace was 5:28 per mile, so in the end everything worked out pretty nicely. Tapply took off right before the 2-mile mark and I just let him have fun with that while I stuck to the plan of hitting pace, which was tricky at times with the unrelenting undulations this course is known for. Happy with the overall effort but even happier that my left calf, which was expectedly tight from the get-go, never blew up on me at any point during the race, or even afterward. Good day.

1. 5:30
2. 5:27 (10:57)
3. 5:40 (16:37)
4. 5:20 (21:57)
5. 5:32 (27:29)
6. 5:27 (32:56)
7. 5:34 (38:30)
8. 5:26 (43:56)
9. 5:33 (49:29)
9.3. 1:35 (51:04)


JARRIN said...

Dude...great showing. Congrats and now on to your bigger prize on the 21st. Stay healthy and don't run like an asshole. :)

Anonymous said...

Solid race Mario. That has to be a confidence booster.