Saturday, March 15, 2008

Training Log: March 9-15

2:55 PM - 10.3 miles, 1:07:45. Snuck out of work for a windy run around Westboro. Picked up the pace for a mile in the middle (5:56) and again at the end (5:46). Tibial area tightened up a little but never got all that bad.

7:30 AM - 6 miles, 43:00. Easy run from home before work. Tibial area tightened up quite a bit, worst it's felt in a few days.
8:15 PM - Spinning, 30:00. Low resistance, high cadence. Probably gonna get my ass kicked by a bunch of middle-aged women tomorrow morning so made it a point not to push it tonight.

9:30 AM - Spinning, 1:00:00. First spin class, ever. Me, a bunch of soccer moms and a 60-year-old guy named Jim, who told me I was working way too hard when I was already sweating bullets five minutes into the ordeal. Didn't bother explaining to him what it was I was trying to achieve, just kept pedaling hard. Good workout, really got the heartrate up.
4:45 PM - 7.8 miles, 51:15. Threw in six 20-second strides on the way home to stretch my legs out a bit. Tibial area felt much better than yesterday, didn't really act up on me at all. Left side of my body feels way out of whack in general, though.

8:10 AM - Spinning, 35:00. Easy spinning for the first 5 minutes, then a steady effort for the next 30 at a moderate resistance level. It's amazing how much faster the time goes by with an MP3 player.
7:30 PM - 9.1 miles, 1:00:15. Hit the roads of Westboro after work. 3-mile warmup, 4-mile progression/tempo (22:20-5:45, 5:40, 5:31, 5:24), 2.1-mile cooldown. Felt like I hadn't done a workout in 2-1/2 weeks. Oh, wait.

9:30 AM - Spinning, 52:00. 50-minute spin class preceded by a 2-minute warmup. A couple quick intervals, a few steady climbs and enough sweat to fill a gallon jug.
Noon - ART and an adjustment with Dr. V. What a difference a few snaps, crackles and pops make.
8:25 PM - 5.4 miles, 40:00. Short shakeout from the store after work. Tib a bit tight but not terrible.

8:30 AM - Spinning 30:00. Steady spin at a moderate resistance level, alternating between keeping myself planted in the saddle and standing up on the pedals.
7:25 PM - 9.1 miles, 1:03:25. 5 miles easy (36:55), 5 loops (1 loop = 0.35 miles) of Gibbons Middle School in 1:55.2, 1:53.0, 1:52.6, 1:52.5, 1:50.6 with 18-20 seconds float in between, easy jog back to the store to finish up. Knock on wood but the tib didn't give me any real trouble at any point during the run. Didn't feel too bad afterward, either.

6:35 PM - 5.7 miles, 41:25. Easy does it after work. Tib felt good again. Hopefully I can say the same again this time tomorrow.

Totals - Running: 53.4 miles, 7 runs. Spinning: 3:27, 5 sessions. Better week than last, but still have a ways to go before I'm ready to run well five weeks from Monday. After talking things over with Kevin I've decided to run New Bedford tomorrow as a test of sorts, one that will give me an idea of my current fitness level but more importantly one that will reveal how much abuse my hurtin' hoof is capable of taking right now. Considering that I haven't run over 10 miles in the past 3 weeks, along with tomorrow's forecasted wind, rain and possible snow, it should make for an interesting day down by the water, to say the least. The plan is to run the first 3 miles with Bergie at a 6-6:15 pace and gradually cut it down to my projected marathon pace or thereabouts over the last 10 miles. Here's hoping I'm able to execute said plan.

Quote of the Week

"Be, Dream, and Believe."
- Zoila Gomez, The Road to Success Will Be Rocky


K.Gwyth said...

Glad you got something out of your spin class. Now you know how I felt with the Aquatics Class Green made me go to...except increase the average age by about 20 years and add about 20 extra pounds of loose wrinkly skin...

Mario said...

Gwyther, GROSS!

Anonymous said...

are you still doing new bedford?

K.Gwyth said...

thought you would like that...sadly class was canceled yesterday so I didn't get to go head to head with Bertha and Gertie.

Kerry said...

Give me a shout if you want help designing on the bike workouts that will save your marathon.

Remember, I wrote the program on how to train for a marathon on 30miles a week or less (of course I will never be as fast as you, but....)