Saturday, February 16, 2008

Training Log: February 10-16

9:25 AM - 8 miles, 57:55. Only had time for an easy hour this morning. Didn't feel like doing much more than that anyway.
5:00 PM - 4 miles, 30:00. Round and round on the rat wheel after work. Started at 8 mph and got down to a blazing 8.5 by the time it was over.

7:30 AM - 10 miles, 1:08:30. Late start this morning but with the wind chill well below 0 I was in no rush to get out the door. Survived with all my limbs still intact, even threw in 6 x 20-second strides on the way home.

7:30 AM - 8 miles, 50:00. Easy running for the first 2 miles or so, 6:00 pace or faster the rest of the way. Left ITB screamed at me for the first 5 minutes before quieting down.
7:00 PM - 4 miles, 30:00. PR treadmill in my 826's. Other than the new shoes, same old shit - short and slow.

OFF. Spent 45 minutes shoveling my driveway this morning if that counts for anything. Planned to run on the treadmill after work but grabbed dinner with Jeff instead.

7:25 AM - 8 miles, 54:45. Plan was to fartlek but ended up ice skating instead. Horrible road conditions. ITB, hips and calves all took a beating.
5:30 PM - 4 miles, 30:00. "Belt of death rumba" on the PR treadmill. Didn't feel like starring in Ice Capades tonight so I went belt dancing instead.

4:20 PM - 10 miles, 1:07:15. Busy day = late run. 6 x 20-second strides on the way home.

7:20 AM - 8 miles, 56:30. First run using my new toy, the Garmin 205. Same loop as Thursday morning, which is precisely 8.39 miles according to the gadget.

Totals: 64 miles, 9 runs. Had a down week on tap which ended up sinking a little lower than planned thanks to a little inclimate weather from Mother Nature and lots of dicking around on my part. Any hope of quality work was washed away with the rain on Wednesday, so let's hope I can get my ass back in gear at the Old Fashioned 10-Miler in Foxboro tomorrow morning. The plan is to start out at 5:25-30 pace for the first few miles and cut it down from there.

Quote of the Week

"You need to train hard for a long time to get good...The most incredible training means nothing if you are not healthy on race day."
- Nate Jenkins outlining his marathon training guidelines. Read this.


K.Gwyth said...

I like the Brian Sell quote down there...yup, winter here is sucking big time.Saw the sun for the first time in about a month. Gone again today. Hope things are a bit more tolerable in New England...

Greg said...

If ever there was a day to take off, it was Wednesday. What a disaster out there.

Kevin Tilton said...

Still up for Foxboro this weekend? Do you know who else is racing? The only way I'm going to run fast is with a pack.

Mario said...

Still up for Foxboro. Ryan and I will set out at 5:25-30 pace and try to bring it down from there. There will most likely be another group going out a hair faster. Rumor has it there should be a pretty good crowd on hand. Fast packs shouldn't be a problem.

Lights 48, go! said...

dear big bro,
good luck with your race tomorrow. :-)

Michael Wade said...

Looks like you're going to have to update that 10m PR time. Nice job yesterday! Not just in running a strong race and finishing second, but in out kicking the other 4-5 guys you were running with. Way to go!